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Alien Arena
« Me: Maj 11, 2011, 09:33:32 MD »
Alien Arena | Code Red

Code Red - Alien Arena is the perfect game for a bit of mindless shooting fun. There are 3 games in the series. I have not played the others yet but judging by Alien Arena, I'm sure they are a blast as well. Code Red - Alien Arena is much like a simple version of Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament, only freeware! Code Red - Alien Arena  is a tournament style multiplayer only shooter with surprisingly clever bots (computer controlled opponents). The weapons are all solid and meaty and the graphics provide some decent eye candy. The sound is decent enough, it does its job. I did not manage to play it online, but I would deduce that the fun level would rocket exponentially.

Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1

First person shooters seem to be a dime-a-dozen nowadays and yet Code Red: Alien Arena 2006: GE, the impressive free game from COR Entertainment, still manages to bring something new to the table and is definitely one of the top freeware action games available at present. Running a modified version of the Source engine, Code Red: Alien Arena 2006: GE is a visual treat, with superb graphics and effects on show. Beauty is only skin deep however, so it is fortunate that the gameplay is equally impressive. With 8 player classes and 32 maps available, players can battle it out against bots or human opponents in this fast paced action title. With an impressive following online, there is never a shortage of servers or players to compete against, and the variation and depth of the gameplay is enough to ensure that even the most demanding first person shooter fans are kept satisfied right the way through. If there is one reason not to download Code Red: Alien Arena 2006 GE it would be the hefty size of the file, making the download difficult for dial-up users, but it is certainly worth the effort. All-round, this is an excellent freeware action game with visuals and gameplay to rival most retail offerings, making it an instant classic.
Code Red - Alien Arena - Info

CodeREDis a series of games based on a campy, 50's era sci-fi theme. There are three games in the series. Battle for Earth and The Martian Chronicles are primarily single player games, while Alien Arena is focused on multiplayer(you can play alone in a tournament against the built in bots).

Alien Arena offers more cohesive and polished game contentthen Nexuiz, with far better netcode and playability, not to mention more modes of play. Alien Arena also offeres built in bots, while Cube does not offer them at all. The CRX engine is fast and stable, while still providing features of modern gaming engines. Alien Arena has a unique style, and most of all, we believe the most fun of any freeware
shooter in existence.

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